Completion of MATH A118 Pre-Calculus Math

CHEM A105 General Chemistry I Lecture
3.00 crs.

This course is the first half of a one-year course in the fundamental principles of general chemistry. This is the first chemistry course for all science majors and includes the development of modern atomic theory, chemical bonding and structure, and the nature of matter and physical states. Included is an introduction to thermodynamics and kinetics with a more thorough development of equilibria concepts. Descriptive chemistry is liberally sprinkled throughout the course.

Eligibility to enroll in MATH A257 Calculus I, ACT score of 23 or higher / SAT score of 560 or higher, Completion of MATH A118 Pre-Calculus Math
MATH A245 Calculus for Life Sciences
3.00 crs.

This course is designed for pre-health majors and will cover fundamentals of differential calculus along with applications whose primary motivation are biological. Topics will include limits, derivatives, population models, and exponential growth as it pertains to epidemiology. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to analyze some basic discrete dynamical systems and understand how they arise in biological systems; utilize and interpret with allometric models; grasp the informal ideas of limits, continuity, and differentiation; employ techniques of differentiation (product, quotient, and chain rules); and use differentiation to solve optimization problems. 

Prerequisite requirements include successful completion of MATH A118 Pre-Calculus Mathematics with a grade of C- or better, an ACT Math score of 24 or better, SAT Math scores of 610 or better, an ALEKS exam score of 50 or better, or appropriate placement. 

Completion of MATH A118 Pre-Calculus Math, Math Placement