Eco Feminist Theologies

3.00 crs.

Knowledge-Values Courses: Religious Studies II
World Religions

Ecofeminist Theologies looks at how "feminism" and "ecological awareness" came together in the late twentieth century to forge a new social and intellectual movement, "ecofeminism," and in turn how that movement affected and continues to transform theological thought. The course examines ecofeminist theology's primary claim that patriarchal and supernaturalist concepts of the divine in Abrahamic religions have been mutually reinforcing, serving to create and maintain a hierarchical worldview in which men are above women and God is divorced from the natural world. Beginning with a careful look at the early writings of ecofeminist theology (and/or spirituality), the course progresses to consider further developments that pay attention to diverse social locations (including racial, economic, geographic, and sexual-identity) and the differences they make in environmental thinking and theological thinking. Throughout, the course asks whether and how ecofeminist theologies help transform people's commitments toward social justice in gender relations and toward becoming sustainable citizens of Earth.

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