Film Scoring

3.00 crs.

This course provides students with an overview of film and TV scoring, focusing on both composition and music supervision. The following topics will be addressed: a film’s “music team” (director, producer, music supervisor, film editor, composer) and the respective roles of each will be discussed; the general functions of music in film and TV; budgeting for music; “temp scores; music licensing (master and sync), spotting a film; general vocabulary of the industry; the “tools” used by composers. Students will work with each other in creative teams to “score” scenes from projects.

This course has a lab fee associated with it for the purpose of supporting supplies specifically needed for the functioning of this particular course. Please check LORA for the amount of the lab fee.

Course Prerequisite

MUGN M105 Music Industry Musicianship , Any of the prerequisites are accepted
MUTH M102 Theory I , Any of the prerequisites are accepted

Course Cross-listing

Course Corequisite