WAL: Interpreting the Other

3.00 crs.

Knowledge-Values Courses: Writing About Literature

This course uses critical reading as a foundation for developing critical thinking and writing skills. The goal of this class is to examine literature with a critical eye and apply what we learn to our own lives by examining literary conventions, especially the idea of the "other," and how these conventions developed over time. Students discuss the importance of placing stories into a broader context, compare how a character or author operates within his or her context, and apply this knowledge to our own cultural, historical and political context.  Students learn why the study of literature is crucial in developing critical thinking skills and why these skills are important in creating our own "stories."                  

This course replaces ENGL T125

Course Prerequisite

ENGL A205 Writing about Texts , Any of the prerequisites are accepted
ENGL T122 Critical Reading and Writing , Any of the prerequisites are accepted

Course Cross-listing

Course Corequisite