WAL: Genre and the Hybrid

3.00 crs.

Knowledge-Values Courses: Writing About Literature

This course uses critical reading as a foundation for developing critical thinking and writing skills paying particular attention to genre. Beginning with a brief survey of the traditional genres of short stories, poetry, and the novel, the course then considers nontraditional cross-genre texts that have emerged in the postmodern literary world. These hybrid texts challenge the way students read, encourage a deeper appreciation of non-traditional writing, provide tools for analyzing a broad range of literary texts, and raise the following question: Why do some contemporary writers gravitate toward hybridity in genre, and how might their choices reflect other changes in our postmodern society?

This course replaces ENGL T125

Course Prerequisite

ENGL A205 Writing about Texts , Any of the prerequisites are accepted
ENGL T122 Critical Reading and Writing , Any of the prerequisites are accepted

Course Cross-listing

Course Corequisite