Crime and Disaster

3.00 crs.

Disaster events cause sudden disruption to a community. There is growing evidence that people may engage in what we call anti-social behavior. Therefore, we need to consider what we can do to better understand when and where these behaviors may occur, and how we can prevent crime after disaster. We will begin by interrogating what the definition of a disaster event is, as this is not an agree upon concept in the multidisciplinary field. We will also study how the different phases of disaster relate to criminal activity in the disaster context. We will investigate a number of case studies from the perspectives of sociologists, criminologists, and law enforcement officials who have had direct experience researching and working in disaster situations. Then, we will examine specific criminal activity, such as looting, sexual assault, fraud, the illegal drug market, and hate crimes. Finally, we will look at how the criminal justice system responds to crime in the wake of disaster.

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