Bioinquiry - First-Year Seminar

3.00 crs.

Foundation Courses: First-Year Seminar

All first-year students take a 3-credit First-Year Seminar (FYS) during their first semester as part of the Loyola Core. BioInquiry is required for all first-year biology majors, but is also open to students in other majors who are interested in this topic. This course aims to engage students in the process of scientific inquiry while providing a framework for academic success at Loyola. Students will gain proficiency in experimental design, quantitative reasoning, scientific communication, and collaboration skills. Contemporary research questions will span cellular and molecular biology, physiology, organismal biology, ecology, and evolution. Each section of this course explores a unique theme that will instill an awareness of the interdisciplinary nature of biology and its relationship to societal issues. There is a lab fee associated with this course.

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