Competitive Strategy (Capstone)

BA B750
3.00 crs.

This MBA Core course focuses on the roles and activities of general managers, executives, leaders, entrepreneurs, and other executives who run businesses. Students develop skills in competitive analysis and the analysis of industry structure, as well as in formulating or executing strategy in small, diverse, or multinational firms. The course focuses on case analysis to analyze ambiguous problems, develop strategic-thinking skills, and apply analytical models to solve complex problems. As the capstone course, it integrates all the knowledge gleaned from MBA coursework and applies that knowledge through the creation of a comprehensive business plan. This business plan will demonstrate mastery of business philosophy, theory, application, and practice through the design and integration of strategies and plans needed to meet the overall aim of the organization. Successful completion of the business plan will demonstrate the mastery sufficient for advancement into a professional career.

BA B750 must be taken in last semester of residence. 

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